💰 More profits on the cards?

The markets are starting to heat up, and with us still above $50k on Bitcoin, it's not just the markets that are seeing profits...


7 min read Feb 20, 2024

💰 More profits on the cards?

Today’s issue ⤵️

1. 📊 Today in markets

2. 💰 More profits on the cards?

3. 👀 What’s next in Crypto?

4. 🔮 Flooz Top Picks

🚀 Flooz Exclusive Data Bytes 

Curious what the top 500 wallets owning $MND also hold? We've picked out three projects that all of these whales have in common... Here’s the top 3 tokens across all supported networks:

  1. $PAAL is a robust AI ecosystem leveraging advanced AI and ML technologies. it enables users to create personalized AI, deploy it across multiple platforms including telegram and discord, and offers comprehensive AI solutions for businesses and projects.

  2. $SOLLY Solly, the pioneering crypto coin, is intricately linked to the revolutionary advancements of Sora AI's first robot.

  3. $SYNC A treasury-backed ecosystem of DeFi products built for longevity and user empowerment. Syncus will continue to reward stakeholders. Simply buy and stake.

Mind whales top 500

❓ Dealing with the markets

Now that we seem to be hovering in the $50k area, what is next for the markets?

Sadly, we cannot predict what will happen. However... we do know that investors can grow impatient and this can lead to an emotional overdrive.

How do you deal with this?

By being prepared for every situation.

It sounds simple and in theory it is... but obviously that is not how it works and you probably already know that.

Imagine this scenario:

Prices start to shoot up, we approach $60k but you didn't get to invest all of your money as you thought the markets might drop.

So you panic and throw it in at higher prices, only for the markets to fall again... now you're in a loss and your emotions rocket up.

This is a scenario that plays out all the time. In fact, EVERY single day investors experience this. And being aware of this may just help you prepare better.

The thing is... most investors are in it for the long term. They buy up the tokens that interest them and then sit and hold, waiting for the right moment to take profits.

Most often than not, this doesn't happen...


Because too many investors focus on the short term and panic when they see prices go up or down. Which leads to them losing out in some way or another.

This is why having a plan and sticking to it is SUPER important. If you divert, you are entering territory that you're are not too sure about.

And that is how most investors end up losing out.

So, as we approach the bull run, if you are playing the long game, it is vital to follow the plan you understand best, otherwise you risk losing out due to short term movements.

Have patience frens, the markets a tough and many suffer, but we are now closer than ever, stick to your plans and be safe.

📊 Today in markets

The markets continue to impress us and show its strength.

Now that the weekly close in is, are we about to see the climb to $60k or does the market have other plans?

We are seeing a lot of movement on altcoins recently, while Bitcoin remains in the $50k-$53k range, which is showing strength from all over the place.

Let's take a look at this:

It seems we could see an Ethereum run up which would outperform Bitcoin in the next week.

And with the ETF approvals and upgrades fast approaching, this would make sense as a market move. Whether it happens is another story though.

What we do know is... the markets are in a strong position right now, and a bigger move up before a pullback could be likely, and as all the attention has been on Bitcoin recently, so a rotation of capital into altcoins seems a likely situation.

Obviously nothing is guaranteed, so it's simply a waiting game, so make sure to be patient and see what the markets decides next.

💰 More profits on the cards?

We've seen a massive surge in the markets over the last few weeks, which has sent us higher than many expected.

Are we about to see more opportunities, especially with more positive news spreading?

Coinbase, the heavy hitting cryptocurrency exchange platform, experienced a notable 15% surge in its shares during Friday's U.S. trading session following the announcement of its first profitable quarter in two years.

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States disclosed a substantial net income of $273 million for the fourth quarter. This marks a significant milestone, representing the company's return to positive net income for the first time since the fourth quarter of 2021.

That's a long time...

In a financial report released late last week, Coinbase revealed that its net revenue for the fourth quarter of 2023 reached $905 million. This figure reflects an impressive growth of nearly 50% compared to the same period in the previous year, where net revenue stood at $605 million.

Here's a breakdown 👇

These are massive improvements for the exchange and signal that things are certainly getting better, especially considering the current economical conditions around the world.

When we combine this with the current market movements with Bitcoin climbing above $50k and altcoins now finding their way up too, it seems that profits are being shown all across the crypto world.

The sentiment around crypto is still struggling, yet we are seeing massive movements at the same time. The Coinbase news is simply an added element to the direction we are heading and whether you like them or not... it is good news for everyone.

As the exposure continues with ETFs and the Bitcoin halving approaching, this may be the time where we start to see increased sentiment and moves towards a new all time high.

But remember... these things take time, so expect a bumpy ride on our way up.

👀 What’s next in Crypto?

Finding the right investment choices is never an easy journey, especially with so many options, which continue to grow every day.

Luckily for you... we've compiled the top 7 projects based on volume metrics driven to our platform over the last 30 days.

These projects are certainly attracting attention, so may be worth a look at.

In no particular order, here are the top 7 projects:

  1. - Hello Labs is the future of crypto and entertainment, a Web3 native ecosystem that incubates, produces, funds and distributes original programming, games and NFTs. Currently $HELLO is sitting at a price of $0.08 with a $52M market cap.

  2. - Uniting the fun of memecoins with the power of community engagement to revolutionize the Ethereum blockchain, while fostering charity and innovation. The current market cap is $22M with nearly 1k holders.

  3. - TAONU is a decentralized AI Chatbot running on the Bittensor Network. It is the first decentralized AI dog from the TAO Community and has a market cap of $18M with over 2k holders.

  4. - $TROLL coin is a memebreaking cryptocurrency that embraces the spirit of internet culture. With over 12k holders and a market cap of $42M.

  5. - Vault's ecosystem, including VaultChain, a Layer 1 blockchain, offers AI Escrow, seamless OTC trades, and NLP-driven Privacy Swap. It has a market cap of $26M with over 6k holders.

  6. - Baby Grok is not just another project; it's a groundbreaking innovation inspired by the genius of Elon Musk and powered by the latest AI technology. With a market cap of $8M and over 70k holders!

  7. - Efficiently Handle SMS and Calls to Virtual Numbers for Account Registration on Any Online Service or App. This is currently at a market cap of $4.4M with over 2k holders.

These are some awesome projects that are growing in interest, especially on our platform so be sure to check them out.

But remember... always do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

🔮 Flooz Top Picks

Here are our three crypto picks of the week: 👇

The first on our list is , which has climbed over 300% in the last 7D...

Mind is an agnostic graph-based meta-programming language designed for both AI and humans, enabling easy program creation and modification through natural language or a drag-and-drop editor.

With AI trending again, and $MND only having a $17M market cap, this may be a project to keep a close eye on, its price increase alone in the last 7D shows the soaring interest already.

Our next pick on the list this week is

TG.Casino is more than just a casino, it is an ecosystem that gives back to its players through constant rewards by leveraging $TGC and the popular social platform Telegram.

In the last 7D, $TGC has seen a drop of around 5% but considering it has risen by 500% in the last 30D, we'd say that are off the hook.

The gambling industry is one of the biggest in the world and with it continually growing, this could be a project that picks up some traction.

Our last pick of the week is

GuildFi was created by a team of experienced gamers and community builders, to elevate the experience of every player by creating a Web3 infrastructure to connect games, NFTs, and communities, with an aim to maximize players’ benefits and enable interoperability across the metaverse.

$GF has seen an increase of 120% in the last 7D and has a market cap of $190M. We've mention before that gaming is on the rise, so this may be worth checking out.

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