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Access all of decentralized finance (DeFi). No account required, no trading limits, no personal details.

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Access any token on Ethereum, Polygon and the Binance Smart Chain. More chains coming.

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Each token comes with graphs, real-time activities, holder analytics, liquidity info and much more.

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Buy any token

Use any currency and any payment method such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card, Bank Payments or Mobile Money (Momo) to buy any token at the best rates on Ethereum, Polygon and the Binance Smart Chain

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Flooz is the easy place to swap, or buy any token with card at the best prices, at lightning speed. We find the best price on over 50 DEXs then combine them into one trade. You can buy any token directly from your own wallet, no account required and no trading limits. Flooz currently supports over 3 million unique tokens, that you can buy directly with cash. Try it out, instant search any token on our supported chains. New tokens are searchable right away, maybe you'll find the next big thing?
Cash to crypto, without the hassle. Buy any token with trusted payment methods and bank transfers in any currency. Using one of our trusted providers, you can seamlessly use Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card and even Mobile Money. Don't worry, you can link any bank account, and also pay directly using your mobile number. The choice is yours, we've got you covered!
Blazingly fast. What used to take minutes or hours now takes mere seconds. We guarantee the fastest and cheapest routes to buy any crypto, directly with cash. Find the token you'd like to buy, select your preferred payment method and complete the simple steps inside the pop-up. Navigate the crypto landscape confidently, and get more tokens for your money with Flooz. Learn more about our payment partners this article from leading news outlet Watcher Guru.
Flooz offers a variety of payment methods, giving you the safest, smoothest and cheapest options to choose from. In some cases the cheapest option isn't always the smoothest. So when we say 'best choice' we got you fam. Dependant on your region and currency selection, you will find the supported payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit and Bank Card, and MTN Mobile Money. You can always change the currency, and browse through the multiple providers we offer, to find your preferred payment method.
Flooz App is available on both Apple and Android devices and includes all the key features you get from our web trading platform. You'll love the app if you use the Flooz service on the web. The app removes friction points when interacting with the blockchain. You don't have to switch between your wallet and web browser to complete trades or sign messages. You also get additional services like sending and receiving crypto between friends, family, or external Web3 platforms. Try it out for free here!
If you are a token creator and want your token listed on Flooz and get as much exposure as possible, fill out this form, and we'll get back to you asap. You can also integrate the Flooz trading widget, for free, on your website and let your users swap or buy your token directly through you. Learn more about the Flooz Partner Checkout service here!