A declaration
of financial freedom

The Flooz manifesto

We live in a world where financial opportunities are not equal, where access to information and resources is limited, and where the average person is at the mercy of market forces beyond their control.

But this year, the traditional financial system is showing cracks visible to the entire world. We’re here to democratize real-time data and sophisticated analysis of trading patterns in an effort to changing the way we understand and engage with the financial markets.

The moment to create a new financial system that is truly inclusive, permissionless and driven by the power of the people has come.

Welcome to Flooz!

Flooz is the easy, social and safe way to enter Web3.

Flooz is a blockchain analytics platform that helps you invest with confidence.

We empower you to discover opportunities, perform due diligence and instantly trade any digital asset, track any portfolio with real-time data and alerts.
It’s our vision to provide equal financial opportunities to everyone in the world. To achieve this vision, we must provide financial literacy through context and data as well as simple tools to send, swap and track any crypto assets.

It’s our mission to humanize web3, NFTs and crypto and make it accessible to everyone.
Flooz is available on iOS, Android and for Web and works across Ethereum, Polygon and the Binance Smart Chain.

“Gen-F”, our NFT collection are the traders behind Flooz

Gen-F consists of 10.000 unique NFTs (non fungible token) and is gradually becoming a digital identity for the Metaverse. The collection has been designed in collaboration with the iconic streetwear brand Daily Paper and is powered by 3D and Augmented Reality.

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Join a human-centric organization

At Flooz, we put our people first, foster belonging and connection, and empower every team member to be a creator of our organization and the way we work. Everyone has full responsibility, accountability, and autonomy to deliver on our purpose and strategic goals.

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