Bitcoin broke through the $60k mark and still continued climbing. Are we finally seeing the All-time high path?


5 min read Mar 1, 2024


Today’s issue ⤵️

1. 📊 Today in markets


3. 👀 What’s next in Crypto?

4. 🔮 Flooz Top Picks

⏳ Time is running out

Euphoria has been hitting big time and the markets are moving quickly, so now we are coming to a new stage of the game.

This is where things start to heat up and people panic...

As we've seen with previous bull runs, we see big pumps on tokens and then sudden dips too, but more aggressive than usual.

But it is important to remember that we have only just started to significantly move up into profit territory and as we get closer and eventually surpass the all time high, the question on everyone's mind will be...

"When do I take profits?"

And it is a valid question, but sadly there is no definitive answer.

It is a game of figuring out when your targets are met and when you are happy.

Trying to catch the absolute top is near impossible, which means you will need to have a plan on how you want to exit the market, because if you don't... you risk missing the top area and potentially holding not your bags as we drop.

Luckily for you, it seems we have a bit of time before those decisions have to be made.

But... being aware that you may have to decide on when to take profits in the future is important, and it could likely be a decision to be made in 2024.

So as always, make sure you have a plan, and let's see these beautiful green candles!

📊 Today in markets

The bull run is within our sights, and after hitting $64k recently, it seems Bitcoin is not waiting around.

But what does that mean for the markets, and are we heading higher?

It seems that the $60k area has been held, which indicates strong interest still.

Let's see what others are thinking 👇

Keeping it simple today...

The move to a new all time high looks incredibly likely, and as many predictions will come in, it's simply a waiting and judging game.

Whether it hits $90k or 100k+, it doesn't matter until we get to that point, so try to avoid FOMO.

No one can know how high Bitcoin and the markets will go, but can estimate, so it is important to keep up to date as often as you can as opportunities in the crazy crypto world can happen quickly.

Set alerts and be ready for any sudden changes, as the bull is awake and ready to charge.


Bitcoin is on a rampage and doesn't seem to want to drop below $60k.

This is after a massive sell off and biggest outflow since January for ETFs...

But there is some good news to follow on this.

After the biggest outflow since January, we still held above $60k, which shows the strength of the market and demand on Bitcoin right now.

On top of this, Bitcoin saw a 44% gain in the month of February, which is the highest growth in one month since December 2020...

Now that is what we call a stat!

Things are certainly heating up and we could well be officially in a bull run right now, with us being within touching distance of a Bitcoin all time high.

It is certainly an exciting time to be involved, and the weeks ahead could be incredibly important, with some major events approaching, including:

  • Bitcoin halving

  • Ethereum Dencun upgrade

  • Ethereum ETF approvals.

All we can do now is strap in and wait to see what happens next...

What we do know, is that exciting times are ahead and it may finally be the time for investors to be rewarded for their patience and resilience, over the tough past few years.

👀 What’s next in Crypto?

As we approach the Ethereum Dencun upgrade which is due on March 13th, there may be opportunities awaiting.

These are none other than Ethereum Layer 2's...

And yes we've spoken about these before but with the Ethereum upgrade less than two weeks away, we are about to see some Layer 2 tokens be treated like a kid on Halloween as a result of this upgrade.

The main positive being that fees will be significantly reduced, thus pushing more volume to the usage of these tokens and their ecosystems.

We've picked out a few tokens that may be worth adding to your watchlist 👇

1. seeks to solve Ethereum’s scalability and poor user experience challenges by scaling the network. It currently has a market cap of $9.4B and sits inside the top 20.

2. it eyes to solve Ethereum’s data sensitivity issue by enabling end-to-end encryption across web3 applications. With a market cap of $330M and a price rise of 120% in the last 7D.

3. is a technology stack for scaling Ethereum that is EVM-compatible, which means all the contracts and tools that work on Ethereum also work on Mantle Network with minimal adjustments. Currently it has a market cap of $2.9B and a 17% climb in the last 7D.

The upgrade is approaching fast and these tokens may fluctuate in price quickly as a result, especially with this upgrade being so important.

We may also see a climb on Ethereum, with the bull run seemingly in action and the Ethereum ETF approvals coming up too.

Either way it is exciting times for those involved in crypto, and we are here with you through the bull run.

🔮 Flooz Top Picks

Here are our three crypto picks of the week: 👇

The first on our list is .

Ordiswap brings dynamic AMM infrastructure to BRC-20 unlocking unparalleled liquidity on Bitcoin's native layer. Revolutionizing Assets, Redefining Transactions.

With a 202% climb in the last 7D, and a market cap of $125M, $ORDS is looking like one of the stronger projects working on the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Next up on the list, we have .

Kleros is a decentralized arbitration service for the disputes of the new economy.

As the economy becomes global and digital, disputes arise in many areas that cannot be solved by courts or traditional arbitration systems. Kleros can solve them in a fast, affordable and secure way.

$PNK, the governance token of Kleros has seen a rise of 40% in the last 24H and 105% in the last 7D with a market cap of only $32M.

Our last pick of the week is .

The no-code blockchain for Web3 Automation & dApps , automating & performing over hundreds of actions based on events triggered on-chain & off-chain.

In the last 7D, $GLQ has had a price increase of 110% and 190% in the last 30D. With a market cap of $27M, this is an exciting project to keep an eye on as we move deeper into this bull run.

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