⛔ Ethereum ETF delayed

The ETF news continues to deliver, but this time it is not the news that was wanted.


6 min read Jan 22, 2024

⛔ Ethereum ETF delayed

Today’s issue ⤵️

1. 📊 Today in markets

2. ⛔ Ethereum ETF delayed

3. 👀 What’s next in Crypto?

4. 🔮 Flooz Top Picks

🚀  Flooz Exclusive Data Bytes 

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0xNumber is looking to solve real life privacy issues and as a result, it's attracting a lot of attention and could be one for the future as the digital worlds expands.

These tokens below are what whales holding $ONX are also trading 👇

$OxN Whales
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  • 🚀$MII is a cutting-edge blockchain platform that innovatively integrates cryptocurrency with social media, transforming the way users engage with digital currencies. This platform simplifies cryptocurrency transactions by allowing direct linking of wallets to social media accounts.

  • 🚀$FUR is uniting the fun of memecoins with the power of community engagement to revolutionize the Ethereum blockchain, while fostering charity and innovation.

❓ Road to Bull 

There will be many up and downs on our way to the bull, the ride will be tough for some and easier for others... 2024 is where we hold together and ride it out.

We have already had great news about the ETFs but this is just the start. After they were approved we got a big move up in the market, but that was after a drop first.

But guess what?

After the rise, we saw another fall and have been hovering around there ever since. Then, just as we begin to move up again, the Ethereum ETF is delayed and BOOM! We hit a wall again.

The journey is hard, and we are only just beginning the year... With the halving and Ethereum ETF approvals still to come, we are going to experience many more emotional rides, but there is one thing we do know... the bull is waking up.

We are seeing more and more interest for the crypto world. We are seeing billions injected into ETFs. We are seeing some of the biggest companies in the world get involved, and there is much more to come yet. Now is the time to stick to your plan and not let emotion take over. We will be helping to guide you through this journey but we will all be tested, and ultimately it is down to you on what your next step is.

There will be many opportunities this year alone as the market truly wakes up, and we hope you are here with us to take these by the horns and ride with it.

📊 Today in markets

The market is continuing to move back and forth with little or no real movement. However, after the Ethereum ETF was delayed earlier this week, we did see a temporary dip in the market, but it seems to have recovered since.

Could we be preparing for a bigger move? The only question is, which direction…

Total crypto market cap - 22/01/24

The market seems to be heading down currently, and with nothing indicating a reversal, we may have to just ride this one out as the Total Crypto Market Cap ($TOTAL) sees a weekly low of $1.699T with the high being $1.767T.

Let's see what else is occurring 👇

It seems that we could be about to drop further if there is not a reaction. However, it is also important to remember that we have been in an uptrend since October 2023 and pullbacks are healthy for a cycle to continue to go up and this may just be part of that.

Long term, the case is still bullish and sentiment and liquidity are still strong, but short term red candles will be tough to endure. Only traders should be concerned about this...

Those holding out for the longer term should not be concerned with pullbacks and instead look to accumulate if it meets their criteria. We are extremely unlikely to see below $30k Bitcoin again before a new all time high.

However, we know that nothing is impossible...

The path to the bull run will certainly be a test, and market drops and bad news will be part of that unfortunately. It is never a straight line up, so have patience and a plan.

⛔ Ethereum ETF delayed

Delays occur all the time in life, but in the crypto world, they seem more frequent than not, and this time we have another ETF delay, with the SEC deciding to play with the Fidelity Ethereum ETF a little longer.

However, that may come sooner than you think, along with the final deadlines for the other Ethereum ETFs, which could truly spark the markets…

This wasn't the biggest surprise, as we saw the same with the Bitcoin ETFs, but it still isn't ideal that the Ethereum ETFs are likely to be delayed until the final deadline either.

However, the positives are that they are coming and it's just a waiting game right now. Could the timing of the Bitcoin halving and Ethereum ETFs be a coincidence?

I guess we'll see...

In the meantime, here are the dates to watch out for 👇

This makes the next few months interesting, with all of the ETF approvals likely to go until the final date, we could see an explosive move with them being so close after the halving.

Either way, we know the SEC doesn't like to make things easy. So for now, we sit and wait for the exciting events to occur, and for the bull to finally start to wake up...

👀 What’s next in Crypto?

We have seen a recent surge for Solana in recent months and although that is slowing down, there is another opportunity that is catching the eyes of the crypto world…

It is Bitcoin Layer 2’s and in particular, Stacks which is a blockchain linked to Bitcoin by its consensus mechanism that spans the two chains, called Proof of Transfer.

Proof of Transfer is the consensus mechanism that runs between Bitcoin and Stacks. It recycles Bitcoin’s Proof of Work to achieve both high levels of decentralization and scalability without additional environmental impact. Proof of Transfer’s other half is called Stacking, which enables holders of Stacks Token to earn Bitcoin.

Why is this exciting?

Two reasons:

A) Bitcoin is a powerhouse and the most trusted cryptocurrency in Web3, but the downside is, it is very limited to what it can do. So being able to leverage the security and trust from Bitcoin, Stacks with their native token $STX, can allow more building with Bitcoin and its blockchain.

B) We are entering a bull run and Bitcoin is very much the centre of attention, and Bitcoin Layers 2’s, especially strong and useful projects such as $STX can truly shine and expect a lot of attention.

This is not just some typical altcoin, this is a project that is changing the way others can interact and build with the Bitcoin blockchain, including apps and smart contracts.

Stacks ($STX) is just one example of a Bitcoin Layer 2 that is building and gaining attention, and as we lead up to the halving and then the bull run, these could be a good place to look into for projects to perform well.

🔮 Flooz Top Picks

Here are our three crypto picks of the week: 👇 First on the list we have , which has seen a HUGE uptrend recently, with a 190% climb in the last 30D.

Karate Combat is the first fan-controlled real world sports league, which allows you to earn tokens by watching and voting.

This project has been on a continuous uptrend in the last few months and the interest doesn’t seem to be going anywhere just yet.

Our second pick on the list this week is .

OXNumber efficiently handles SMS and calls to virtual numbers for account registration on any online service or app. Allowing for more privacy without sacrificing reach.

$OXN has risen by a staggering 1900% in the last 30D and has recently hit 1000 holders.

This is a new project that is looking to fix real world problems when it comes to privacy, and it is certainly a project to keep an eye on.

Our last pick of the week is .

Rite Stream is looking to reimagine the way entertainment is funded, created and consumed by creating a decentralized global platform for Film and TV NFT's.

In the last 7D $RITE has seen a 17,000% increase… yes, you read that correctly. And with a few recognised partners and mentioned by major organisations such as Forbes and BBC, this may interest investors and those who love entertainment.

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