📺 Blackrock releases first ETF ad

The efforts to push crypto on the world are expanding... and quickly.


5 min read Jan 17, 2024

📺 Blackrock releases first ETF ad

Today’s issue ⤵️

1. 📊 Today in markets

2. 📺 Blackrock releases first ETF ad

3. 👀 What’s next in Crypto?

4. 🔮 Flooz Top Picks

🚀  Flooz Exclusive Data Bytes 

Trivia Top Whale Holdings
  • 🚀$MANTA token, powered by the Manta Pacific ecosystem is the first EVM-equivalent ZK-application platform that is scalable and secure through Celestia DA and Polygon zkEVM.

  • 🚀$METFI project aspires to be the world’s #1 Metaverse and Web3 incubator, sharing the returns with you!

  • 🚀 BABYSHARK is the native token of Korean Web3 Game Studio, the primary utility token in Baby Shark Universe empowers users to exchange NFTs and participate in governance decisions. 

❓ Road to Bull 

For so many reasons, 2024 is a make it or break it year for crypto. From a market-cycle perspective, if we do not see a trend towards new all-time highs, then this would break a major historical narrative around crypto. I think this would have a major negative psychological impact on many crypto die-hards who have been struggling through the bear market with the promise of financial gains in the coming 12-18 months. The same holds true for many Crypto venture firms who were caught off-side after over investing towards the tail end of last bull market. For these firms to survive, they will need at least a few of their projects to break out this calendar year. If some of these projects do break out, and the venture firms are able to survive, then they will likely raise new funds and continue to invest aggressively in the ecosystem. The same holds true for many crypto projects who are running out of financial runway as their treasuries have dwindled. It’s true that some of these projects definitely deserve to go away forever.

📊 Today in markets

It’s been a week today, that the ETFs were approved, and the market has been a bit volatile as a result. We’ve seen Bitcoin hit nearly $50k and almost drop below $40k all in the space of 7 days… It’s certainly not a good time for those using leverage.

Total Crypto Market Cap 7D 17-01-24

The total crypto market cap looks like a rollercoaster ride as you can see above. We are still down from the highs of the ETF approvals but that is to be expected, we did get a big climb up and moving back down shows the health of the market. So, where is the market heading next?

It seems Bitcoin is currently ranging and we could see this leading into the halving event. It is also important to realise that the Ethereum ETFs still need to be approved. However, with these expected in May 2024, the halving event would have already occurred, so we could see stagnant markets until then.

What is exciting though, is that we have bullish events approaching and the markets are still looking strong. Keep hanging in there frens, the bull is waking up.

📺 Blackrock releases first ETF ad

It’s been almost a week since the Bitcoin ETFs were approved and live on the market, but the hype certainly isn’t over yet. Blackrock have released an official advert for their Bitcoin ETF $IBIT and it is not what many were expecting… In fact, this advert has and will annoy many avid crypto fans, especially Bitcoin maxis... However, this move by Blackrock may just be a secret weapon and just what the crypto worlds needs. Check it out 👇

If you watched it, there is a good chance you were incredibly bored. It was basic and does not excite though already involved within the crypto world... However, it does hit a new market. A new audience that is not currently involved. Some would call them the boomer era, and for any of them looking to get involved, the advert does a brilliant job. On top of this, we also saw Valkyrie advertise their Bitcoin ETF $BRRR after its' listing on NASDAQ and was displayed in Times Square 👀

Not many better places to be displayed... So, why is the ETF ad important? The aim of the ad is to bring attention to those that either are not completely sure, or are unaware that is it available. And that means a potential big injection of captial into the markets and more importantly, it builds trust... And if you've been involved in the crypto space, even for a short while, you know that trust is still an issue and this advert with the introduction of some of the biggest and most recognised companies in the world sharing and embracing it... is only a good thing for the industry and its growth. Here's some quick fun facts since the ETF approvals:

  • Bitcoin hit an all time high for hash rate

  • Bitcoin ETF volumes close in on $10 billion in just 3 days...

  • Bitcoin has been exposed to its biggest audience to date

Now if that doesn't get you excited for the future of Bitcoin and crypto, I don't know what will. This is another step in the right direction, and as trust and exposure builds, we will only see more positives for everyone involved.

👀 What’s next in Crypto?

Opportunities are always floating around in the world of crypto… Waiting to be grabbed. Here’s what we see next: 🪂 Airdrops… Now, before you say ‘But airdrops have always been a thing’ yes, you would be correct. However, we are seeing more and more opportunities to get into airdrops each day and 2024 is looking like being bigger than ever. One in particular that is seeing massive surges is $TIA. And it’s not too late to get involved either. If you are not sure how, this thread should help 👇

This is just one of many airdrops and opportunities that will shine in 2024 and there a lot more to come.

🔮 Flooz Top Picks

Here are our three crypto picks of the week: 👇 First up we have , which has seen a HUGE uptrend recently, with a 230% climb in the last 14D and that’s even with a 20% drop in the last 24Hrs. Trivians is an app in which trivia meets crypto. Bringing questions to life and allowing those that answer correctly, to win $TRIVIA tokens as a reward. Meaning you can have fun, learn and earn. Sitting at a price of around $0.0016 and a market cap of roughly $300k, $TRIVIA has a lot of potential to move up and could be one to watch out for.

Our second pick on the list this week is . GamerCoin rewards users with $GHX tokens in exchange for usage of their GPU power for AI and mining. $GHX has risen by 140% in the last 14D and has a market cap of roughly $18M, and over 70% of its tokens are in circulation. It seems to be gaining some traction heading into the bull run.

Our last pick of the week is , which is a metaverse token. BRN Metaverse is a GameFi token that rewards users for using their metaverse with the genre being MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), which can prove to be a hit within the gaming industry. With constant developments, over 25 recognised partners and frequent token burns, $BRN has been catching a lot of attention recently and has seen a rise of 98% in the last 14D and 205% in the last month. It might be one for the watchlist, especially for any avid gamers.

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