⏳ Are you prepared for the Bitcoin halving?!

The Bitcoin halving is fast approaching, and while this is good for the majority, there will be some that are getting nervous... and that is the Bitcoin miners, who are set to see their rewards halved.


6 min read Apr 9, 2024

⏳ Are you prepared for the Bitcoin halving?!

Today’s agenda points ⤵️

  1. 📊 Today in markets

  2. ⏳ Bitcoin miners in trouble?

  3. 👀 What’s next in Crypto?

  4. 🔮 Flooz Top Picks

🔥 Things are heating up

We are starting to see more movement around the markets again, and while that is good, it is also a time to be cautious.

But why's that?

Because we are still in the land of euphoria and every move up, emotions start to increase, and emotional investing is not a good idea.

So, as we continue to move up in the market, always refer back to your plan of action and try not to get too caught up in FOMO and any other emotion driven decision. As these will likely be misguided, whether it is profit taking, investing in a new project or buying more after a 50% pump.

It is easy to lose money in these markets due to emotions, which is why we are always reminding you to make sure you have a plan ready. However, we also have a long way to go for this bull run, so also take into considering opportunities on small corrections or retests of your favourite projects.

Things are heating up and we are likely to see Bitcoin and the market much higher in the future, but remember... not everyone will win.

So, be cautious, stick to your plan, and let's ride these waves together!

📊 Today in markets

We have seen a push towards a new all-time high this week already, and with the halving coming into play soon...

Are we going to see a break of the high, or another correction?

Firstly, let's take a took at the Bitcoin chart.

BTC 1D Chart

As you can see, we are still in an uptrend and the white line shows some bullish momentum if we can stay ahead of it post halving on the important closes.

However, a drop is likely to happen, but a reversal afterwards and a move towards a new all-time high is also expected too. The direction in which the move starts is unknown currently, as we are seeing the market push up again.

We have also highlighted the support area if we do get a drop, which sits at around $62k, and it is vital that we stay above that if we do get a big drop down, as liquidations are building and many expect us to move higher after the halving.

But historically, this isn't the immediate case, and we usually see a drop first. The question is... how much do we drop if we do get it?

Again, there is no big indicator for this, but with us being in an uptrend and seeing a push up in price this week, a drop in price after the halving is likely, with a target area of between $65-$70k the most probable.

If you look at the chart, you'll also see a fair value price. This represents the perceived value of Bitcoin if it was being fair in terms of market movements. Now, this doesn't mean that is the price it should be, but it indicates that if the price was there, it would still be a fair value for investors.

The fact we are much further ahead of that is a bullish sign but it is also important to be aware that we could see a drop around that area after the halving before we get a push to the dream land of $80k or more.

Either way, we are in an uptrend, liquidity looks good and the halving is nearly here, so the next few months should be exciting, and there are likely to be many more opportunities as it will not just be a path upwards.

So, be careful, and have a plan as buying your investments is easy, but navigating and knowing what to do next is the difficult part.

⏳ Bitcoin miners in trouble?

The halving is nearly here and it's super exciting for many investors, but not quite everyone...

Bitcoin miners are likely feeling quite anxious right now.

However, there is a good reason, because many have full-blown businesses relying on the price of Bitcoin, but when the halving occurs, for Bitcoin miners to make profit, they need the price to be above $80k... And now you can see why they may be feeling a little nervy about the halving. But not all is bad as we are still expecting a massive surge on Bitcoin, and six figures is still looking likely before the bull run is over.

What will be concerning is if we struggle to maintain $80k and above post bull run...

Good news for us though, is that the bull run is only just getting into full swing, so this is a distance worry for investors right now, so let's focus on one thing at a time.

Right now, the green candles are expected to come flying in after the halving and we are here for it, so buckle up, frens.

👀 What’s next in Crypto?

Opportunities come and go within crypto and we are about to see the trend cycle begin again.

If you don't know what this means, it is when token trends begin to have phases during a bull run, which occurs due to a huge influx of investors who are not too sure what they should be buying.

This leads to them following whatever is trending... or whatever looks like it has the most potential.

And while this may sound obvious, it is more of an emotion approach with little logic involved at all, and we often see this with memecoins mainly.

The reason is because FOMO starts to hit, the markets are going up and people start to panic buy, with the main factor being price over anything else.

If they see a token at $0.00007, they may believe that it could go to a dollar, and will start to do comparisons. Which, while some hope is always good, the dollar comparison or target can be a dangerous game to play.

And this is why we have cycles, as these investors start to understand slowly and then jump into project trends instead.

So, as we move closer to the halving, and further into the bull run, you can try to stay ahead of these trends by pre-holding certain token types.

Here are a few categories that are likely to see big surges during the bull run 👇

  • Memecoins

  • Gaming

  • Privacy

  • RWA

  • AI

Remember, this is going to be a tough bull run to navigate, so make sure to stay updated, have a plan, and only invest what you can afford to lose.

🔮 Flooz Top Picks

Here are our three crypto picks of the week 👇

📈 The first on our list is Powering the crypto revolution with creativity, Dione Protocol is building a sustainable future with eco-friendly and innovative blockchain technologies. This is a thriving project that is looking to have a real world impact and the $DIONE ecosystem is only just getting started.

Currently, $DIONE is sitting at $160M market cap and has seen a price rise of 133% in the last 30D 📊 that's what we call a chart topper!

📈 For our next pick, we have

Alchemix is a DeFi application built on the Ethereum network that provides instant loans that can repay themselves over time, meaning the only debt is time. TradFi loans are seen as a burden for many due to interests rates, but this solution eliminates cost interest rates and replaces it with time instead.

This could be a project for the watch list, with its ever growing ecosystem and is only sitting at an $80M market cap, keep an eye out for new buyers coming in 👀

📈 And last, but not least...

Forward Protocol uses the BSC network and enables users to create blockchains, subnets, and dApps with a no-code interface, allowing for ease of use in an ever-confusing and overwhelming environment.

Building in Web3 is already a difficult encounter, but this is certainly one way of solving that problem, and with the Web3 space growing everyday, $FORWARD could be one to watch out for, especially with a $32M market cap.

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