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Gen-F Snapshot vote

As a design-driven team, we would like to uplift the aesthetics of our Gen–F NFT collection and involve you in the decision making process.

Lamine Cheloufi

2 min read Dec 31, 2023

Gen-F Snapshot vote

As a design-driven team, we would like to uplift the aesthetics of our Gen–F NFT collection and involve you in the decision making process. Across the next weeks we will be hosting two, or more public Snapshot votes for the holders.

Gen-F Snapshot
Voting is now live

Please review the Gen–F 3D collection changes below, and head over to the Flooz Gen-F Snapshot page in order to submit your vote for the first round of updates.

  1. With this snapshot, you’re agreeing to Changing RaritiesTrait Upgrades and Resolving Clashing Traits. Note, these changes are essential to move the collection forward.

  2. The following Snapshot vote will cater to improving the overall aesthetic of the trait combinations. Adding more definition to both male and female looks.

  3. Forthcoming votes are TBD.

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Update on rarities

Past collaborations driven by utility have concluded, and fresh partnerships are set to debut in 2024. About You (already excluded, last drop ended in December 2022) and Fang Gang will be taken off for the time being. Note, the associated NFTs will remain rare for future activations.

Instead, we’ll be introducing multiple novel eye traits, including Optimus, Red/Bored Demon, and Red/Green Bored eye-traits as optional superpowers for those possessing the aforementioned traits. Additionally, the Fang Rubber-duck trait will be removed due to its inconsistency with the overall aesthetic direction.

Visit our docs page to review the visual changes.

Proposed upgrades

In close partnership with 3D artist Sergei Galkin we’ve upgraded a few traits in the collection to improve the design, and improve compatibility across the collection.

Visit our docs page to review the visual changes.

Updating clashing traits

Be aware that the presented list doesn’t cover all conflicting traits. We’re thoroughly examining the entire collection to identify and rectify each clash. Please trust in our ability to handle the clashes and find the best replacements.

Visit our docs page to review the visual changes.

Upcoming Gen-F avatar enhancements

We are set to elevate the visual appeal of our Gen-F avatars, aiming to enhance the distinct features of both male and female appearances based on our trait library. Be aware that the upcoming voting phase will demand additional effort. Our review team will sift through all traits and trait combinations to pinpoint the specific Gen-F avatars slated for improvement.

Visit our docs page to review the visual changes.

Additional styling changes

We have added a few minor changes to improve the visual appearance of selected skins and backgrounds. Preview the additions below, and let us know your thoughts.

Visit our docs page to review the visual changes.

To learn more, replay our latest Twitter space w/ Lamine Cheloufi and Sergei Galkin.

Important message for the Gen-F NFT community

We are collaborating closely with a small and dedicated team of our most committed Gen-F Holders to review each trait combination, ensuring that both quality and aesthetics are upheld. As a testament to our commitment, we are privileged to have our 2D collection transformed into 3D by one of the world’s foremost design and VFX studios, renowned for their work on blockbuster films such as Avatar and Star Wars.

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