๐Ÿ‘€ Altcoins unleashed 2nd Edition

Bitcoin is a powerhouse, but the money is within the altcoins and opportunities are everywhere.


3 min read โ€ข Jan 30, 2024

๐Ÿ‘€ Altcoins unleashed 2nd Edition

Money is made in alts, not in BTC, these are our newly listed token projects.

In the dynamic landscape of the cryptocurrency market, the potential for substantial profits lies in the ability to spot early-stage projects poised for success.

Early backers often secure tokens at lower prices, and as the project gains traction, the value of these tokens can skyrocket. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that the pursuit of early-stage investments in the crypto space comes with inherent risks...

  • Scams/rugpulls

  • Volatile markets

  • Substantial losses

The volatile nature of the market, coupled with regulatory uncertainties, underscores the potential for substantial losses. Investors must navigate a landscape fraught with uncertainty, scams, and market fluctuations.

However, not all early projects have to be completely risky with some well informed research and some vigilance...

So knowing the potential of a project is vital when looking to invest. It might just be more worthwhile to invest in one with utility and is continuously building, as opposed to a potential one hit wonder project.

๐Ÿง  The power of identifying potential

The ability to discover the next ground breaking crypto before it hits mainstream recognition has attracted investors seeking lucrative opportunities.

Early adopters who identified projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum in their infancy witnessed incredible gains, establishing a narrative that spotting the newly born projects can lead to massive financial rewards.

While let's say, a new memecoin could see a potential 10000x, it could also go to zero too. That doesn't mean don't invest in meme coins, it just means that more memecoins fail than succeed.

This however, is an example of getting into an early memecoin ๐Ÿ‘‡

As seen, that was a very quick 30x and while that is entirely possible, there is also a chance that is goes to zero too.

But when we compared these tokens to Bitcoin, they are able to see much bigger gains because their market cap is much smaller. Which means they take up a lower percentage of the total market, hence why they have a much bigger chance of seeing huge increases in value compared to Bitcoin.

For context, Bitcoin has a current market cap of around $844B, for this to climb and do a 2x, it would mean going to a $1.6T market cap. Meanwhile if we have a memecoin sitting at $10M market cap, a 10x would still only be $100M market cap.

Which is why we say money is made in not altcoins, not Bitcoin...

Identifying the right project, especially memecoins is super risky but with the correct research, understanding and a plan, it is possible to profit, as seen from the example above.

๐Ÿ’ก Newly listed tokensย 

LNDRY - LNDRY is the privacy shield for your crypto transactions. Engineered as a unique Telegram bot, it mixes your transactions with others, erasing the direct path to your wallet

AI Signal - AI Signal Bot utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze cryptocurrency market trends and data from various sources

Doge-1 mission - Doge-1 is a community driven token headed by John crypto enthusiast, bringing to market the best entertainment in crypto

PaladinAI - PaladinAI utilizes sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms for the deep analysis of smart contracts

Genesis Art Work - GAW20 is a revolutionary Layer 2 blockchain platform that aims to reshape the landscape of digital art, music, and virtual experiences in the metaverse

Journey - Elevate your experience with JRNY, powered by the brilliance of Journey AI, in crafting remarkable Web3 and AI tools

Meme EFT - $MemeETF, the world's first memecoin ETF, to spank the blockchain & pays dividends

MetaUnit - MetaUnit (MEU) token is a core token of Metaplayerone Network and resource for utility tokens of Metaplayerone.app

Goovy - Is a utility token for generative AI and GPU as a service

Light Elixir - LEXOR is a utility token for promotion services

Baby Bonk - The cutting-edge Web3 NFT card browser game where your Baby Bonk NFTs come to life!

Catboy - Catboy brings a fresh and playful twist to the world of blockchain, offering the first AI interaction with NFTs

Poollotto.finance - Metalottery, PLT is built on smart-contacts and powered by blockchain protocol. Generated numbers based on a unique formula that impossible to be manipulated

Tellor Tributes - Tellor is a transparent and permissionless oracle protocol for your smart contract to easily get any data whenever it needs it

Omnicat - First omni-chain meme coin built and deployed using LayerZero

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