๐Ÿ‘€ Altcoins unleashed

Bitcoin is a powerhouse, but the money is within the altcoins and opportunities are everywhere.


3 min read โ€ข Jan 29, 2024

๐Ÿ‘€ Altcoins unleashed

Money is made in alts, not in BTC, these are our newly listed token projects.

As we edge closer to the bull run, it means there is only a certain amount of time to be ready before we see green candles everywhere.

However, the talk is always about Bitcoin... And sadly, unless you have huge sums of money and are looking to play it safe... you will likely not make much money from it.

Good news for you though, there are plenty of altcoins to jump into which will see much higher returns than Bitcoin.

And even more exciting, is that getting into new and recently listed projects can be super rewarding.

But remember, they are also a significantly higher risk.

Anyway, speaking of altcoins...

We have included a bunch of our newly listed project tokens for you to potentially dive into, which you can check out at the end of the article.

๐Ÿง  The power of being early

The world of investing is daunting and can seem chaotic and overwhelming at times... which is understandable, especially with money at stake.

But while there are risks, there are also rewards, and being able to navigate through that is vital as it allows you clarity when investing as well as many more opportunities.

One of these opportunities is finding early projects that are looking to grow and prosper.

Why is this important?

There is more room for growth. Which means bigger profit margins. However, the risk is also much higher too.

Here is an example of one that went well... you've probably heard of it ๐Ÿ‘‡

Now while the amount invested is considerably high, the early accumulation is what led to such large profits in the first place.

And sometimes without risk, there is no reward.

That being said... only ever invest what you can afford to lose.

Nothing is guaranteed, but this example does show the possibilities with early investing into projects.

If you're interested in some potentially early projects to check out... (And do your research), then you can find them in the final section below.

๐Ÿ’ก Newly listed tokensย 

Here are some of the latest projects to be listed on Flooz ๐Ÿ‘‡

Caesars Arena Buy $CAESAR with Flooz - Welcome to the crypto Colosseum . Bet, Win, Conquer. With the bonus offer of exclusive 100% casino revenue share to our token holders

Baby Squid Game Buy $BSG with Flooz - Baby Squid Game is a fully decentralized, hyper-deflationary layer 2 Meme Token hosted on the Binance Smart Chain

XFather Bot Buy $XFBOT with Flooz - The XFBot Foundation is a DAO founded by developers that is working to capture latent market demand using validated business models

Baby Grok Buy $BABYGROK with Flooz - Ride the Crypto Wave with Baby Grok, the next big thing in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space!

AGII Buy $AGII with Flooz - Leveraging the power of advanced AI generation models such as OpenAI, GPT 4, GPT 3.5, GPT 3, Dall-E, Ada, Curie, and Davinci

Open Fabric Buy $OFN with Flooz - A planetary-scale network for building and connecting decentralized AI applications

Front Fanz Buy $FANX with Flooz - FrontFanz is a Web3 subscription platform that offers cutting-edge livestream and video subscription features

FKUINU Buy $FKUINU with Flooz - We're not your average Inu coin โ€“ we're here to flip the script and obliterate scammy vibes

Hold Buy $EARN with Flooz - HOLD (EARN) is a symbol of resilience, a tribute to those who have remained steadfast during a prolonged crypto bear market

Satellite Doge-1 Mission Buy $DOGE-1 with Flooz - The Doge-1 cryptocurrency aims to be used for space related trading in the future, just as the OG Dogecoin is being used today to fund the Satellite Doge-1 mission

Moros Net Buy $MOROS with Flooz - Moros Net - Fostering Open-Source Technology through Radical DAO. We aim to empower programmers, digital pioneers, tech educators, and hackers by providing the funds to build open-source Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity and privacy technology

SLOPY Buy $SLOPY with Flooz - Slopy (SLOPY) is a meme token created on the Ethereum blockchain with a dynamic royalty system for holders

Secured On Blockchain Buy $SOB with Flooz - Secured On Blockchain (SOB) is a groundbreaking platform designed to facilitate the secure storage of crucial information related to assets, whether they are physical or digital, on the blockchain

Dawg Coin Buy $DAWG with Flooz - Where Staking Meets Swagger! Get ready to feel DAWGISH as the hottest token on the Ethereum chain takes the crypto world by storm. Stake, earn, and unleash the power of decentralized finance with style!

Nerd Token Buy $NERD with Flooz - A connected analytics Telegram Bot for actionable insights and seamless trading experience

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